France Expat Assistance

Congratulations, you’re moving to France! We can help you with everything from a visa, setting up a business, health care applications, personal tax, utilities, and other such essentials.

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We can guide you through all of the red tape and bureaucracy that awaits you in France. You will find the French way of doing things is very different and that is where our expertise comes in.

If you already live in France, then Sarah can help you process your tax return, organise optimal property tax payment, advise on insurance and the use of artisans, and make doctor’s appointments.

Our Services

We will help you to plan your future

When moving to France there can be many things to juggle at the same time in two countries. Our aim is to eliminate as much of the stress as possible so that you start your life in France under optimal conditions

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Your time is precious

Trying to get your affairs in order in France can be very frustrating and time consuming. We do this every day, and we know our way around the system. We’ll leave you to do better things with your time…

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