Simple Transparent Pricing

We don’t want our pricing structure to be vague or complicated, any more than you do.

Fixed Fee Work


Wherever possible our work will be carried out for a fixed fee. We are able to take the guess work out of the pricing based on our experience, making it easier for you to plan your finances. The most common requests are shown here for you to browse, which we hope will give you some insight as to what we do.

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Some of the processes are relatively straight forward, and that is reflected in the price. Others can be complicated requiring many hours of work, and of course we will incur our own costs in completing some of the tasks. Sarah is more than happy to discuss any work that you may require that is not shown here.

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Utilities And Driving

General Charges

  • Visa or residency consultations 85 euros € per full hour or part thereof
  • General consultations 60 euros € per full hour or part thereof
  • Creation of an Ameli account – 75 €
  • Declaration of Social charges – 50 € per quarter or 25 € per month
    including reminder email
  • Planning permission – Quote on request
  • Any documents to be scanned, photocopied and/or uploaded – 5 € per sheet
  • Translation:
    100 € per page of 300 words minimum of 50 euros per document.

Our Support